Aikido ABC – Introduction

Introducing the upcoming Aikido ABC courses. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Aikido ABC – Step by step instruction.
  • I will teach you Aikido from the basics to the advanced. The first course will take you through body conditioning that will help you coordinate and establish a stable and connected body.

  • I will group the teaching courses into four areas: 1. Basic Techniques, 2. Weapon System, 3. Body Principles, 4. Philosophy and Ethos.

  • So depending on what you prefer to lay your emphases on you can choose the line of inquiry that suits you. 1. Technical Aikido. 2. Bokken and Jo Practice. 3. Internal Power, 4. Spiritual Development.
  • Fulfilling and completing all the courses will give you a firm understanding of Aikido and you will without a doubt feel a change in your physical, mental and spiritual persona. You will gain a stronger sense of self, more at peace within and physically very happy.
  • Disclaimer: You will NOT learn a fighting art. Aikido is NOT a combative system.


  • No necessary prerequisite skills needed.
  • Even with a physical or mental handicap you will be able to follow the instructions.
  • In the extension of the Aikido ABC courses I’d recomnend you to join a dojo near you to fully immerse yourself into the teachings.


This is an introduction to a new series of lectures, videos and study material to lay the foundation of Aikido ABC from a beginners level to an advanced level. I will cover; background, etiquette, basic form, techniques, philosophy, and the upcoming course material.

This free intro and the following charged courses will supply a complete study and exercise system for you to perform at home and support you in your training in the dojo.

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