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The Introduction to Complete Guide to Comprehensive Fibonacci Analysis on Cryptocurrencies – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • This free course will encourage you to explore a new area of technical analysis the Comprehensive Fibonacci analysis. Despite the fact that Fibonacci tools are widely known as such, the technical analysis still lacks specific rules for their construction and application to integrated trading.
  • The most important benefit of this course is the possibility to immediately apply the gained knowledge into practice, specifically: perform a correct construction of Fibonacci tools analyse price changes and conclude on the prospects of further rising or falling prices determine the levels, where to open a buy/sell deal for a particular cryptocurrency pair.


  • An open mind
  • Basic understanding of technical analysis
  • Ideally, some experience with Fibonacci tools


Learn how to properly use various Fibonacci tools not only retracements. Recognize simple support and resistance clusters, identify the behavior of price in the process of IP shaping and what is an auxiliary retracement.

In this free course you will learn:


Fibonacci retracements and rules for its construction

  • Retracement levels

  • Specifics of the 61.8% level

  • Construction of Fibonacci retracement

Simple support/resistance clusters

  • Key and non-key clusters

  • Auxiliary retracement

Internal patterns in retracement

  • First internal retracement pattern (IP1)

Author(s): Cryptoffee Limited

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