Spx Intraday Trading With Deep Market Internals Algorithms

Get a significant edge with Deep Market Internal data using the SPX TICKS Indicator. Trade SPX, SPY, Or the /ES Futures – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Why Trading Options on the SPX Index is different from trading Stock Options
  • What the key advantages of SPX Index trading are
  • What are the extra data elements available on the SPX
  • How harnessing the SPX Market Internals can produce fantastic results
  • Understand the lowest denominator of Index data – the TICKS


  • Basic Stock and / or Options trading
  • Basic Technical Analysis Skills


The SPX Intraday Day Trading Algorithm uses deep Market Internals and highly customized indicators to give the deepest insights into the Breadth and Strength or Weakness of the SPX Index. This provides highly reliable trade entry points as well as exit points on a real-time basis. Success in day trading is mostly about the accuracy of the Entry signals, and this algorithm makes it simple for traders to get very high probability trade ideas as well as Exit signals. Please watch the webinar recording to know more about the Algorithm and the customized indicators.



  • SPX Day trading signals are generated by a Custom Market Internals Indicator and a highly Customized RSI indicator

  • Price action and Volume Analysis also factors for consideration

  • Watch powerful SPX Trading signals Webinar inside

  • The videos inside contains several examples of the signals demonstration as well as Live trade examples.

Author(s): Hari Swaminathan

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