Options: Prices, Volatility And Management

In this course we make complex concepts simple. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Let's examine the components of the option price with a hint of the Black and Sholes formula, the Greeks, moneyness, implied volatility and the volatility skew: all interdependent elements whose deep knowledge brings substantial benefits to the operations of every trader and investor. .


  • Having followed the other preparatory courses


Do you really think trading is all about knowing where to enter and where to exit? Do you think a price knows that it is at the end of a quarterly cycle, that it is inside a wedge formed by a Gann fan, or that it is resting on a colored moving average? Far from it. Trading is primarily money management. And in this course we try to dismantle some false beliefs. In this course we talk about money management and the psychological attitude to trading. We are not machines, we have a thinking brain that has developed over millions of years, and which still carries within itself the most hidden traits of fear, hope, aggression, mania for control, aversion to loss, self-preservation. Controlling emotions and taking small risks is the only way to survive market swings and be profitable in the long run.

Author(s): Bruno Nappini

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