Free Forex Tutorial – Fundamentale analysis, what's the Warren Buffett way ?

Invest like Warren Buffet – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Why value investing is a good way to invest


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Understand the main axes of fundamental analysis on the stock exchange, be an investor and not a speculator!

Robert Kiyozaki defined categories in finance, four categories: E (employees), S (self employed, self-employed) these two categories exchange their time for money…

There are two other categories according to him, the B (Businees owners, owners of companies) and the I (Investors) these two categories own assets and do not work for money but money work for them!

Fundamental analysis allows you to be part of the category of I, investors, those for whom money works, you become shareholders.

But whats the difference with trading?

Here we do not sell our shares because we consider them as assets!

But then how does it work?

I let you discover it in this training and become an investor and not a speculator!

Did you know that traders are not investors but self-employed?

Author(s): Valentin Pontoir

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