Crypto Trading on Autopilot how to get started FREE and FAST

How To Automate Your Crypto Trading in 1 Minute or less! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to automate your crypto trading
  • Learn how Trading Bots help you to fully automate your trading
  • Learn how Trading Bots work for you 24/7
  • Learn how to eliminate bad trades based on emotional decisions.
  • Learn how to use a cloud based trading platform
  • Learn how to use your own trading signals or use our signals
  • Learn how to get the insights you need to optimize your trades
  • Learn how to make money in UP and DOWN markets
  • Learn how to setup your first profitable trade in a matter of minutes
  • Learn how to use a Virtual Trading Bot to test your Trading Strategy.
  • Learn how to automated Leverage Trading on BitMex and Ploniex
  • Learn how to stay on top of the latest Crypto Trading Strategies


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Hello and welcome to my Automated Crypto Trading Bot Course!

I am happy and excited that you found this course!You will gain insight into the world of Crypto Trading Bots and gain freedom when you decide to take my FREE course. This course is not the only thing that is 100% FREE. The Crypto Trading Bot that I use to demonstrate how crypto trading on autopilot works is available at NO COST to you. And to top it all off, you get free support and can use the Trading Bot Academy all for FREE!

This is what you will learn in this course:

How to decide which Crypto Asset is best for you to trade

What Crypto Exchange you should use to start trading

What Tools you can use to send and get fully automated crypto trading alerts

What Crypto Trading Indicators you can use to send buy and sale alerts.

How a Crypto Trading Bot works

How you can make money with an automated crypto trading strategy.


When I started trading crypto a few years ago, I enjoyed sitting in front of the computer following the charts and markets for hours on end. I thought I was free I thought I found the perfect tool to make money without having to deal with clients or a boss it was just me and the market.

I soon realized that it wasnt that easy. To make the right trades at the right time requires you to sit in front of your computer practically 24/7, and this, of course, is far from the freedom I wanted.

Many times I missed very profitable trades because they happened when I was sleeping or when I could not access my computer. Yes, of course, I used stop losses, etc. to protect my downside to an extent, but that just wasnt satisfying enough for me.

So, I started researching trading ideas and strategies for the crypto market, and I came across a guy who claimed he made more than $10,000 a day by just trading RSI levels. He said the only thing he did was buy at an RSI level when it went below 30, and then sold it if it went above an RSI level of 70. He said this was exhausting because he spent like 15 hours in front of his computer to generate this trading profit (he did not want to mention the amount he traded, but to make $10,000 you need to have a decent trade size).

Reading this I immediately thought to myself, thats a good idea, but why do it manually? Im sure he missed a lot of trades because he did not catch the best trading opportunity at the right second.

Thats when I started researching fully automated crypto trading bots.


We already know its impossible to trade 24/7 on our own, which means missing out on profitable trades while were sleeping or when we dont have access to our trading platform.

But, time is not the only issue. Our emotions often get in the way too. We experience situations where we get FOMO or just get too greedy, and ultimately, lose profit. An automated trading system doesnt have any emotions, works 24/7, and, of course, is much better at executing signals quickly.

This is the main reason I dont trade manually anymore, and why we started building our crypto trading bots.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This course is FREE and the Crypto Trading Bot is FREE so what are you waiting for START my course NOW!

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