Introduction To Ruby On Rails

Learn Basics and Introduction to Ruby Programming with Rails Framework – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Ruby Basics
  • Creating the First Project
  • RVM in Ruby
  • Bundlers etc.


  • basics of database systems
  • types of databases
  • programming basics


Elementary Learners ‘Introduction to Ruby on Rails’ course will enable learners to build web applications using the powerful Rails framework and the highly dynamic, object-oriented Ruby language. It will cover all the fundamental concepts of OOPS and Web Applications, Ruby scripting, RVM, Bundlers, Active Records etc. This course gives you a basic knowledge about Ruby programming language and Rails framework. The course is designed for professionals who want to learn Web Application techniques. Those just starting off and looking to learn the basics of Ruby on Rails. Anyone who is interested in learning to build websites, experienced programmers looking to pick up a new language/technology and experienced Rubyists looking to advance their skills.

Author(s): Elementary Learners

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