[Free] Excel Automation Using Uipath

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What you’ll learn

  • Read Data from excel workbook
  • Read specific row from our excel sheet
  • Write range data to work book sheet
  • Insert data (value) into a particular cell
  • Copy & Past Range data and preserve the cells format
  • Read Cell formula
  • Append data to excel sheet
  • Get cell color
  • Set cell color
  • Select range
  • Auto fill range
  • Insert/Delete columns and rows
  • Bonus : Creating a batch file


  • No Pre-requisite


Free Course which cover all the required knowledge for Excel Automation using RPA


We do many tasks daily using Microsoft excel, and we spend a lot of time doing the same task.

In this course we are going to learn how to automate such a repeatable and daily Excel tasks and activities using RPA tool which is (Uipath). We will demonstrate 10 features available in Uipath which you can use to start doing some automation.

This course does not require you to be a programmer or a technical person, you just need to be welling to learn new skills.

Note: Programming experience is not required in this course.

In this course we will cover the followings:

Read Data from excel workbook.

Read specific row from our excel sheet.

Write range data to work book sheet.

Insert data (value) into a particular cell.

Copy & Past Range data and preserve the cells format

Read Cell formula.

Append data to excel sheet.

Get cell color.

Set cell color.

Select range

Auto fill range.

Insert/Delete columns and rows.

Bonus : Creating a batch file

We will use Uipath tool to practice.

UiPath is a popular and progressive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that enables users to automate various aspects of business processes. It provides an open-source platform that promotes collaboration and automation of repetitive tasks. It is used in various fields such as banking, healthcare, finance, and many more.

About the instructor :

Mohammed Marwan is aCertified ILM Instructor having more than10 years ofexperience in Training and Development(for both Technical and Non-Technical fields) with an excellent communication /presentation skills and developing training materials for multinational organizations.

He is delivering currently the below courses:

1- Internet of things (IoT), (Duration : 1 days)

2- Artificial Intelligence (AI), (Duration: 2 days)

3- Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure (2 days)

4- Data Science using Python (2 Days)

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6- Advanced Python Programming (Duration : 3 days)

7- Robotics Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath (Duration : 2 days)

8- Chatbot designing using Python & Dialog flow.( Duration: 1 day)

9- Augmented Reality , (Duration: 1 days)

10- Thingworx IoT Application platform (Duration : 5 days)

11- Machine learning using Python

12- Deep learning using Python

13- Microsoft Power Bi

14- Raspberry pi mini computer

Author(s): Mohammed Shahin

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