Angular 2 Demystified

Conquer Angular2 and TypeScript fundamentals – Build Great Mobile & Web Applications With Angular 2 (EBOOK INCLUDED) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create Angular components to describe your application features
  • Compose Angular components and delegate functionalities to interested parties.
  • Use Angular Component Controllers to encapsulate instance variables and make them available to templates
  • Make Service Classes to handle business logic of your application
  • Use internal Directives, namely for, property selector and event handler
  • Use local variables in templates to get handle of DOM elements
  • Handle events using Angular event syntax and the DOM event system.
  • Use the debugger in Chrome DevTools to debug issues


  • You should know JavaScript very well before taking this course
  • You should also have basic understanding of the Angular framework
  • You should be familiar with the basics of ES6. For example you should know how to create a class, how to import modules, etc.
  • You should also be familiar with the basics of TypeScript.


NOTE: this course was made couple of years ago when Angular was in Alpha and Beta phases. You can still use it as reference.

Angular 2 is going to be a game changer in the Web Development world and would enable you to architect large scale and maintainable software. Angular 2 embraces web technologies and best practices in software development which means that your software will be future proof. Not to mention its performance and blazingly fast internals that would make it the first choice for making mobile applications.

At this point Angular is still in developer preview but you can get started learning the basic concepts and get ahead of the curve. This course introduces you the basic concepts of Angular 2 namely Components, Annotations, Views, Event Handlers and Directives. In Angular 2 everything is a Component and this course takes a component-centric approach. We will use Components as the main point of discussion and learn about other concepts in Angular 2 in the context of Components.

Even though Angular 2 is still in developer preview, you should set learning Angular 2 as your top priority because not only is Angular 2 going to be the future of web, but also there are a lot of new concepts in Angular 2 that require time to internalize. Also note that this course will be continuously updated as new changes come out. Don’t worry about the API changes that much as long as you learn the semantics of the framework, syntax and API changes won’t be as important.

As an awesome bonus of joining the course, youll get my ebook: Angular 2 for beginners for FREE. Please check out the book on leanpub to get access (the link is in the video).

Start learning today and get ahead of the game.

Author(s): AJ Meyghani

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