Learn how to draw anime with the Rogue Mangaka Method

Learn with our tested and proven method that actually bring results to absolute beginners who have no drawing skills – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Draw anime characters
  • Know how to keep improving their drawing skills


  • This course was designed for absolute beginners who have no drawing skills at all
  • No experience or talent is necessary


Are you good at drawing? And, are you so good that people are paying you money just to have you draw for them?

Well, you are watching this video, so I am guessing you are probably not that good. Right?

Yeah, this is you right now. No drawing skills.

But what about you in the future?

Would you like to become so good that people start paying money for drawing?

Getting fans and have your friends and family talking great things about your drawing skills?

If your answer is yes. Then welcome.

My name is Mark Diaz and for the last couple of months we’ve been working to develop the BEST TRAINING for drawing anime.

Well, I don’t know if this is THE BEST, but we are giving OUR BEST! And right now, we are offering instructions for people who have ABSOLUTELY NO DRAWING SKILLS.

Most tutorials out there show instructions that look good.

But, have you tried them out? Have you got any results?

Are the creators of those tutorials making sure their instructions are tested and actually bring results?

Well, let me tell you. After a lot of experimentation with REAL BEGINNERS who had NO DRAWING SKILLS, we created steps that actually bring results.

Of course, we started like every other instructor out there, with steps that we thought were good, but after failing and seeing that our students were not getting results, we made changes, and now, after a lot of testing, we have created


A course that you can START. RIGHT NOW. For free.

Join us and start to finally get results in drawing.

See you inside!

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