Interm. User Only Make Real Flags In Blender W/ Physics Sim!

Learn what are path curves and get your hands on cloth and wind modifiers – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Intermediate users of Blender will begin the first steps at using physics simulation tools
  • Wind simulation, needed to make the flag wavings.
  • Bezier curve features and tools to make smooth curved lines


  • It's important that you have some familiarity with blender.


WARNING: THIS COURSE WAS DESIGNED FOR INTERMEDIATE USERS. IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEGINNER, CHECK MY OTHER COURSE HERE. With this crash course you’re gonna be able to build your own flag animation by using real physics simulation features (Cloth simulation and wind simulation are within the group of modifiers covered) . You’ll also be able to use the path curve, which can be deployed on almost every curve of your project.  With this one-hour-course you’ll be good to go as fast as a rocket.

Author(s): Marcus Olivieri

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