How To Draw A Realistic Eye

Using pencil, follow the step by step instructions to draw an eye – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Draw a realistic eye using pencil
  • Use fine details to draw the details in the Iris
  • Draw eyelashes that look real
  • Create a white highlight that contrasts with the black pupil


  • You will need a 2B pencil and some paper for this course.
  • You will need to take a photo of an eye to draw from, or you can find one on the internet.


In this course “How to draw a realistic eye” you will learn the skills and techniques needed to draw and eye using pencil. We will cover sketching the eye, adding tone to make it look more 3D as well as adding in the fine details to make it look more realistic. If you would like to learn more about drawing then this is the course for you. No drawing experience needed. 

I suggest that you take a photograph of an eye using your phone or a camera and then have it beside you as you follow through the drawing course. You will want to check back with the photo constantly as you draw. Try and make sure it is a focussed photo and taken in good light so that you can see the details in the iris.

Author(s): Joe McMenamin

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