[Free] Free Risk Management Tutorial - Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment &Amp; Risk Control

Hazards Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • • Topics covered in this course: o Topic 1: Hazard and Risk o Topic 2: Three Phases of Hazards o Topic 3: Hazards identification o Topic 4: Risk Assessment o Topic 5: Risk Control


  • WSQ ESS Workplace Numeracy and Literacy (WPLN) Level 6
  • Familiar with own organization products/services


· We live in a Worldfull of risks. Very often accidents happened at work and at play because we areoblivious to the hazards around us and hence underestimated the associated riskof an accident happening;

· From theconversations between a father who is a veteran working in the industry and hischild who is still studying, examples of hazards from our daily life and the workplacesare highlighted so that we can all cultivate a safety mind set and sharpenedour skills in identifying hazards, assessing the risk, and taking appropriaterisk control measures to prevent accident;

· Topics covered inthis course:

o Topic 1: Hazard andRisk

o Topic 2: Three Phasesof Hazards

o Topic 3: Hazards identification

o Topic 4: RiskAssessment

o Topic 5: RiskControl

· This course isdesigned to replace 25% (4 hours) of the classroom-based 2-day WSQ Develop aRisk Management Implementation Plan course as part of blended learning approach

· The course can alsobe taken individually and independently as a single subject in “HazardsIdentification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control”

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