Learn what investors are looking for in startups

Learn what factors it takes to impress a startup investor and get an investment – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what startup investors are looking for in a company.


  • Some of the top things that investors look for in investable companies.


*Note – this material is also available in my paid course, “The Ultimate Guide to Funding a Business”, along with more information.

If you have a startup chances are you need investors to get it off the ground. The problem is that the whole process of raising money from investors is a bit foreign to most entrepreneurs. How much easier would it be to raise capital if you knew the types of things investors are looking for in a startup? That’s what this course will teach you. Some of the key topics discussed are:

  • Importance of your team
  • How much of an investors decision to invest in your startup depends on the idea itself
  • Types of intellectual property investors like to see in place.

All it will take is a time investment on your part of less than 45 minutes. Additionally, you will get a complimentary copy of the accompanying book of the same title.

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