How To Start A Business. Hunyng Xux Rh Chun

Start-up Essentials: A clear guide how to go about starting a business from a Idea into a successful Business Model. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop a idea into a viable business.
  • Build and develop an effective marketing strategy.
  • The core components of the marketing mix.
  • Critical thinking in business decision making skills.
  • How to make a business more sustainable through testing the market.
  • Grow as a person and build confidence in becoming a successful entrepreneur.


  • Be excited to be an Successful Entrepreneur and a sense of humour.


Use this course as a step by step guide to starting a business from the first stage of developing your business idea to creating a sustainable business.

Even if you have not studied Business before, I plan to help you by giving you valuable information on what you need to create a viable business.


Every Entrepreneur that I have ever meet in my teaching or professional career asks the same question.

” Steve what is the best way to start a business ”   

Trust me when I say that I am going through the difficulties of starting a business now, the difference being I  have a vast amount of business knowledge that guides me through creating a viable business. And the good news for you is that I plan to share all the knowledge I have with you right here on this course. I also have plans to double this course in size in terms of content in the future and will be making constant improvements. Therefore, you have relevant up to date knowledge from a growing expert in business. 


The simplest way you are going to find out if your idea is an actual business is by evaluating your business model. A business model is the components that make up a business. For example, do you have a product or service and how are you going to make profit.  We will explore these key areas of the business model on this course.


If you are asking yourself why you should join this course please read on. I have been teaching business for a long time, and having now my brand on LinkedIn I have experience of building a business. I am currently growing my network and researching how to improve organisational performance which is areas like Learning and Development, and of course Business Leadership. I am also writing a book titled: Holding up a Business which will be available in the new year on AMAZON. I have a solid first degree in Business and have been trained to a consultancy level of Business Operations.  More importantly than that I care deeply about your progress. We are all learning and I love helping people learn. I have always had a strong passion for business. I cannot help your business grow directly through using a magic wand but can sure help you perform in your business through my enhanced knowledge. So please do join me and lets work together to help you build and create a successful business.   

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  • First-time entrepreneurs

  • Mums and Dads

  • College Students

  • University students

  • Business Leaders

  • Learning Professionals

  • Marketing Managers





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Bzhu 2: Jx jnxng c kchng

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Lj zhc, ybin w wi nn tgng zhch:

Shu de kchng:

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shngy lngxi

xux zhunji

yngxio jngl

Author(s): Stephen Fahey

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