Free Virtual Reality Tutorial – Virtual Reality Business Model Creation

How to create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Business Models and/or how to monetize VR and AR. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • understand VR and AR basics and principles in form of a brief overview:
  • tell the essence of the next 3 immersive visual computing waves VR, AR and USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality)
  • identify some challenges in the VR and AR market and name some solution approaches for them
  • use a step by step method for building extraordinary business models
  • identify major categories where VR and AR business models can take place
  • use their knowledge of 11 examples of real world VR/AR business models and/or monetization approaches
  • use the results from an iterative exercise to define their own VR/AR business models


  • A general understanding of business processes and business models
  • basics of information technology and internet business
  • A basic (User-)knowledge of Virtual Reality is helpful
  • We recommend to get some first hand VR impressions e.g. with a Google cardboard.


Course Content
How you can create revenue with your investment in virtual and augmented reality.

I. Introduction to VR and AR

II. master the next 3 technology waves and benefit from them:
  Wave 1: Virtual Reality,
  Wave 2: Augmented Reality and
  Wave 3: USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality)

III. Method: Discover VR / AR Business Models for your company regardless of your industry.
  III.a basics of outstanding “Business Model Generation”
  III.b Transformation to VR / AR business models and monetization
  III.c 10+1 examples of VR / AR business models or monetization

IV. Reading tipp: how to train your idea muscle to imagine 10 individual Business Model ideas for your specific business.

Course structure

After the VR and AR Business Models Training week – held as a classroom training – I wanted to give more VR and AR Enthusiasts and entrepreneurs access to this hop business topic.
In This video training I navigate you through the shores of Virtual and Augmented Reality Business Models.
We will take the hill up to VR and AR Business models step by step in 7 videos. Each subject is illustrated by slides which I walk you through.
We don’t re-invent the wheel. We stick with proven business modeling concepts.

Author(s): Joerg Osarek

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