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Work from home on your computer anytime or anyplace and earn Passive Income – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Identify and choose between the many different types of passive income
  • 10 passive income streams and ideas
  • Identify and choose between the many different types of passive income, and choose the right ones for you
  • Set up a passive income stream that allows you to determine your level of engagement
  • Practical Passive income tutorials
  • working from home and create extra income stream


  • Internet connectivity
  • People Willing to make extra stream of income


Generate passive income in 2023 by learning the pros and cons of 10 common passive income business models and start one

Passive income is a dream for many people. We all want to know that there’s a way we can make money without having to get out of bed, or even move away from our computer screen.

We’ve got some news for you: passive income is real! And it’s easier than you might think.

Here are two types of passive income businesses we will tackle in this course

1. Residual Income Businesses – This type of business relies on repeat customers or clients who will always come back for more, so the work you put in once is done and over with forever. Think about when you go to a restaurant and buy an appetizeryou don’t have to keep going back and ordering that same appetizer again and again; instead, you just pay once for it and then enjoy the benefits as long as you want them! The same goes for residual income businessesthe only difference is that instead of spending your money on food, you’re investing in a product or service that gives back profits over time as long as people continue purchasing it.

2. Leveraged Income Businesses – These businesses involve borrowing capital from others, which means they’re not quite as hands-off as those in category 1 above (you’ll still need

Passive income is earned without any additional effort on your part once your initial investment has been made. You can keep earning money even while you sleep by using passive income streams.

You will get to learn a lot in this course

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Start a YouTube Channel

Start a Podcast and Monetize It

Become an Airbnb Host

Sell digital products on Etsy

Start an online membership

Become an Affiliate marketer

Start an Online Course

Publish Ebooks

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