Vitamin English: Conversation Through Modal Verbs

Practice and Master Modal Verbs to Improve your Conversation Skills – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to recognize, understand, and use English modal verbs with confidence and fluency.
  • Students will improve their English conversation skills.
  • At the end of this course, students will be able to respond to conversational prompts using modal verbs with correct grammar and syntax.


  • Before starting this course, students need to speak, understand and read English at a beginner's level or higher.
  • Before starting this course, students need to understand the function of base verbs and past participles.


Do you want to sound more like a native English speaker quickly and understand common expressions in daily conversations?

In this course, we will be studying modal verbs. Through the proper use of modal verbs, you can establish a strong foundation for expressing yourself clearly, and as you learn new vocabulary, you will have correct grammatical patterns to use the vocabulary naturally and effectively.

Through this course, you will learn grammar patterns that will help you improve your spoken fluency and sound more like a native speaker. You will be given definitions, examples and pictorial representations of each pattern. By completing the many practice exercises, quizzes and conversations, you will master and retain these patterns. Soon you will be hearing and using these patterns all the time. Your friends will be amazed at your improved English.

Author(s): Joe Grandy

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