Video Math Worksheets for Kids Grades 2 and 3

Improve Math Skills for Children

Deal Score+4

What you’ll learn

  • Children's math skills will improve
  • Children's ability to stay focused will improve

  • Children will experience a higher level of self-confidence.

  • Children experience instant gratification when they check their answers
  • This course builds math skills while increasing self-confidence


  • Children Should Already Have a basic Knowledge of How to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide
  • This course is excellent for first grade aggressive learners, second and third grade students
  • This course may be too advance for beginning first graders. .
  • The lecturers are video practice tutorials, using e-Recesses to increase motivation


Video math worksheets improves a child’s ability to stay focused, and improves math skills. When children pay attention, as video worksheets require, math skills improve greatly. Practice lectures include: subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. with regrouping and up to three digit math problems. The answers are provided to encourage and reward self improvement. The goal of this entire course is to improve the child’s level of confidence and ability to concentrate. Once a child is focused, math becomes easier and maybe even enjoyable.

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