Vegetable Pests, Diseases And Cure

Easily identify common pests and diseases on your vegetable and find the best pesticide to use against, in your country. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • recognize vegetable pests and the best pesticides that control them.


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This course is made for vegetables and cannabis growers that dont know or dont know enough about the pests and diseases attacking their plants.

Pictures, descriptions and explanations of insects and fungus generating popular diseases are given.   

Most importly, a method is given in order to find out what are the names of the best pesticides that eliminate these pests in every country.

Also how to use these pesticides more efficiently so that they will be more lethal, as mixing together and spraying methods, which will lead to fewer sprayings and will save time and money.

spraying protection principles are added in the end.

Author(s): alexander white

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