The Most Common Chinese Questions You Should Know

The Most Common Chinese Questions you should know including what why when which where – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • how to use what,when,how,where,which etc. to ask question in Chinese
  • how to use most common question sentences in Chinese


  • This course is right for total beginners
  • This course is right for learners with some Chinese language experience
  • Learners will need a basic English language level


Do you know what do all babies do?

As soon as they can start putting together phrases and sentences, they ask questions. They ask questions about everything around them. As a new student of Chinese, thats what youll need to do too. Learn Chinese question words now, and youll never be lost and confused and without words to express yourself. Youll be able to ask questions about everything you see and hear.

In this course, we will teach you how to use the most common question sentences in Chinese with an English explanation.

The Chinese language has a high number of question words, including combinations of question words, but the most common and easiest to remember are:

  • (shi) who

  • (shn me) what

  • (n l) where

  • (n ge) which

  • (shn me sh hou) when

  • (wi shn me) why

  • (zn me) how

  • (du sho) how many

  • (j) how many (any number under ten)

The first thing you have to know about the Chinese question words is where to place them in the sentence.

The answer is simple. The question word has to be placed in the position of the word youre asking about.

This is very different from English, where you have to change the order of the words so you can create a correct sentence. When using a question word in Chinese, none of the words has to change its position in the sentence.

Let’s enroll in this course and you will know how to manage all of these words.

Author(s): Creative Chinese

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