The Making Of Our Modern World – Part 1

How the 20th century shaped our reality.

What you’ll learn

  • You will get an understanding of how the first half of the Twentieth Century shaped our modern world
  • You will learn in what way developments, events and ideas still impact us today.


  • You need to be curious about the human adventure through time. This course explores the 20th century, so some basic knowledge of WW1, WW2, the Cold War etc would help, but the lectures are designed for anyone with an interest.


This course tackles some of the major themes of modernity. How did the Industrial Revolution change our world and how did our awesome powers of creation turn into the mass destruction of two world wars? How did the role of governments shift and what influence did grand theories like liberalism and communism have on our understanding of society?

The lectures in this series will be followed up by part 2, which will tackle the Cold War, decolonisation and the advent of neoliberalism & globalisation.

Author(s): Bram Wanrooij

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