The Free Online AP Chemistry Course: Part 1

The first part in the Free Online AP Chemistry Course series, with an emphasis on practice problems and effective videos – Free Course

Deal Score+7

What you’ll learn

  • All topics required to ace the College Board's AP Chemistry Exam


  • No course prerequisites. Knowledge of chemical equations and basic arithmetic is helpful, but will be reviewed


Howdy everyone! after self studying the AP Chemistry course for the past year and getting a 5 on the exam, I wanted to make a free online course for AP Chemistry because I felt like although there are many good videos on Youtube that are great at explaining AP chemistry, it was hard to figure out what I had to learn next, as well as being unable to find practice problems to hone my chemistry skills. That’s why I wanted to make a free online AP Chemistry course over the summer with an emphasis on a curriculum and problem sets. It will contain 17 topics, with each topic containing quizzes, lectures and 40+ exercises. It currently has 2+ hours of lectures and 4 problem sets. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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