Quick Check: Vocabulary, Grammar – Hallowe’en, E’en, Witches

English (RP/BBC): from Cambridge, England. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • HALLOWEEN (HALLOWE'EN / All Hallows' Eve) GRAMMAR, VOCABULARY and origins.
  • Spelling HALLOWE'EN with an APOSTROPHE – the reason.
  • PRONUNCIATION practice. LISTENING skills. GRAMMAR exercises.
  • Mini-tests to check your English skills.


  • Basic English. A2+


A very short course on the word HALLOWEEN.

Improve your vocabulary, and practice some grammar and pronunciation (RP/BBC English)

Why HALLOWE’EN? Why can you write it with an apostrophe? ( ‘ )

What is an E’EN? What is HALLOW? What is Samhain? Is All Hallows’ Eve the same as All Saints’ Eve?

How do you pronounce these words? Do you always need apostrophes?

And is an EVE the same thing as an EVENING? Is it the evening of that day, OR THE DAY BEFORE?

3 short videos.

Vocabulary practice, grammar checks, pronunciation exercises.

Quizzes and answers!

Author(s): Moira Wendy Miller: MA (Cambridge) Cert.Ed. CELTA

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