Notorious Juvenile Delinquents 1

Case Studies of Kids Who Have Killed

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What you’ll learn

  • An awareness of the diverse factors that influence juvenile delinquency
  • The historical roots of gang activity in a major city in America

  • An understanding of the challenges youth face living in the inner city

  • Social causes of delinquency
  • Critical thinking in discussions involving juvenile justice


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Are you addicted to TV shows like Mindhunter or Criminal Minds? If so, this course is for you!

Do you find yourself up all night binge watching true crime shows? Then, this course is for you!

Do you sit at home watching, Killer Kids, thinking to yourself, “What could make someone so young kill?” Well now you will get a better understanding.

Notorious Juvenile Delinquents 1 , explores what motivates a child to engage in horrific, sometimes unbelievable criminal acts.This course is perfect for anyone interested in the mind of criminals, specifically juvenile delinquents. It, offers a terrifying and fascinating journey into the disturbing lives of minors who commit acts of murder. If you are interested in particular case studies then the Notorious Juvenile Delinquent 1 course would be the ideal choice.

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