Learn English with sentences – If clauses

Learn about the three types of if-clause using sentences written by native English speakers – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the four types of if-clause in English
  • Learn how to manipulate each if-clause to improve your English fluency
  • Use this course as a reference guide to improve your speaking and writing skills in English
  • Get access to hundreds of sentences written by native speakers


  • You should already have an intermediate command of the English language before taking this course


In English, there are three types of if-clause, and if you can get to grips with them, they are very useful.

In this course, you’ll find hundreds of example sentences written by native speakers to help you to understand these features of the English language. As well as the example sentences, I’ll show you how to form each of the if-clauses and you’ll also learn a little trick to make your sentences sound fancier.

I’ve split up the sentences into small groups so you can spend just a few minutes each day revising them. The more you see this sort of a structure, the more comfortable you will become with using it. Feel free to write down any sentences you like and use them in your own conversations.

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