Introduction to Power Electronics: From Theory to Practice

Leverage your knowledge. Expand your limits. Basic concepts to understand the world of Power Electronics – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the behaviour of resistor, inductors and capacitors in AC circuit
  • Understand and analyze the use of diode, thyristor and IGBT
  • Use the application of MATLAB/SIMULINK
  • Create and analyze their own simulation circuit model


  • Basics of electric circuits
  • Interest in Power Electronics


In this course I will help you to start in the exciting world of power electronics starting from the base, so that in a few days you can start creating your own simulations and circuit analysis. During the course you will find different theoretical concepts that will be put into practice through guided simulations step by step.

The first module will help you get the necessary base in AC Circuit.

In the second module you will begin to analyze the behavior of the basic elements

In the third module you will discover the operation of the power semiconductors and how they modify the basic characteristics of the circuits

Finally in the fourth module you will study real applications.

In the documentation that accompanies the sessions, notes are included so you can review and continue improving your skills in this wonderful discipline.

Author(s): Victor del Barrio

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