[40% Off] From Zero To A Wide Knowledge Of Quantum Physics (Mechanics)

An easy-to-understand course of everything about the beautiful part of quantum physics, quantum mechanics

What you’ll learn

  • Basic of quantum mechanics
  • The photoelectric effect
  • Bohr atom
  • De Broglies wave hypothesis
  • Schrdinger equation
  • Heisenberg uncertainty principle
  • Quantum electrodynamics
  • Electron spin
  • All you need to know about quantum mechanics


  • For the first and second section, it’s enough the elementary school mathematics
  • For the third section, it’s good if you know high school mathematics


Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my new course about this beautiful part of quantum physics, quantum mechanics. This is not another course on Udemy telling you that you will learn quantum mechanics.

This a course where you can start from zero, and learn quantum mechanics. I developed educational methods that will help you understand quantum mechanics + all the equations in the easiest way possible.

You will learn everything about quantum mechanics

First, who teach you, quantum mechanics, in this course?

Andacs Robert Eugen:

  1. I studied astronomy and advanced quantum mechanics and physics with the most prestigious professors and scientists from the Romanian Academy of Science)

  2. Over 2 years of experience in teaching quantum mechanics

  3. Because I keep studying advanced physics with scientists around the world, all the information in my mind is fresh, so I won’t miss to tell you even the small details in quantum mechanics

  4. National Olympic at physics (National Physics Olympiad)

  5. I developed the best teaching methods, so everyone can understand everything, even hard concepts, and after this course, quantum mechanics will be like 1+1=2 for you

Why choose this course?

  • All the information will be clear and well explain

  • You have nothing to lose

  • The information and teaching methods are provided by Andacs Robert Eugen (learn more about my experience above)

  • I will speak friendly and easy to understand

  • You will learn quantum mechanics even if you start from zero

Author(s): Robert Andacs

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