FAMILY | European Portuguese Vocabulary – Course 1

Learn European Portuguese Vocabulary by Topics | Portuguese for Beginners, learn words and sentences in 3 simple steps

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What you’ll learn

  • Words and sentences in European Portuguese (Portuguese from Portugal), about Family
  • Build a solid base of vocabulary in Portuguese and related sentences, by topic
  • Start to practice the Portuguese pronunciation
  • Begin to understand what is being said back to you in Portuguese language
  • To be more than just a tourist when traveling to Portuguese speaking countries
  • Get an introduction to the Portuguese language with ease
  • Start to feel confortable enough to hear words in the Portuguese language
  • Names and descriptions of things in Portuguese
  • Learn Portuguese the easy way, practicing in small lessons that take just a few minutes
  • Convert the waiting times of your daily routine in learning moments


  • If you have a will to learn Portuguese, you already have all you need.
  • And a few minutes everyday will sufficient to practice


Hello and welcome! | Olá, seja bem-vindo!

– Do you want to learn the European Portuguese Language?

– But you are not sure what will be the best way?

Let’s look into some options that can help you:

– Reading?

Yes, that is a good option!

And some people do remember better the things they read…

– Listening?

Right, that can help too!

And, for many, listening to a new language can be the fastest way to learn it…

– Using images?

That is a very powerful tool!

Most people can memorize new words much easier by making an association of the word with the image that represents it.

So… How to Choose the Best Way?

You can do better than to choose only one way or tool: Use It All!

With this European Portuguese language course you can learn faster using all these learning tools together, you will get:

  • Bilingual Reading – to help you understand the meaning of the new words

  • Listening to Portuguese – to hear the pronunciation of native Portuguese language speakers

  • Images – to help memorize the new vocabulary by association it with the object/situation

  • Exercises – to resume and confirm the vocabulary you are learning

  • Topics – the course is organized by small topics to learn Portuguese words that are related

  • Steps – the lessons are organized in small steps to get fast results and keep your enthusiasm

This is the perfect course to learn Portuguese for Beginners.

The lessons are focused, practical and effective, are prepared for English Speakers and organized in small steps that are easier to fit in your everyday breaks. That way you can create habits to learn consistently, memorize the information more quickly, and remember Portuguese vocabulary better.

This course will also prepare you for next levels in your learning curve in the Portuguese language.

Check the Introduction and free preview lesson to see how easy and fun it can be to learn European Portuguese in this course,

In this course  you will learn words and sentences about: FAMILY.

Let’s Start Learning Portuguese Today? Let’s Go!  | Vamos!

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