English Listening Masters: How To Become Fluent In Listening

The Complete English Listening Fluency Guide: Learn powerful strategies and use them in a guided 6-step practice part – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the strategies of effective listening
  • You will learn how to use multiple listening to achieve listening fluency
  • You will learn the criteria for choosing audio for your listening practice
  • You will learn how you can use a transcript for vocabulary expansion and improving your listening and speaking skills
  • You will learn how to train your attention while listening
  • You will have a guided 6-step listening practice to consolidate your theoretical knowledge


  • A pre-intermediate level of English or above
  • A strong desire to break listening barrier through focused practice


Want to become fluent in English listening and start to understand English speakers? Then this course is for you!


English Listening Masters Course consists of theory and practice. To build a solid foundation of how to properly train your listening skills, you will start with the theory. There, we will cover the following topics:

  • why listening needs to be active;

  • which strategies to use while practicing listening skills;

  • how to choose audio materials;

  • how to work with a transcript to expand vocabulary and improve listening and speaking skills;

  • which activity you can try to maximize your attention while listening

After having studied the theory of effective listening, you will move to the practice part. There, you will have a guided 6-step listening practice to reinforce your theoretical knowledge. All materials you meet in the practice part have been designed and recorded in collaboration with an American Native Speaker.

A guided 6-step listening training includes:

  • Step 1. Listening for the main idea (full audio) + general understanding quiz

  • Step 2. Listening for details by paragraphs and completing multiple choice quiz

  • Step 3. Vocabulary expansion after each paragraph (1-5 suggested words to learn)

  • Step 4. Listening for MORE details by paragraphs and completing True/False/Not Given quiz

  • Step 5. Attention training with focused practice + quiz

  • Step 6. Working with a transcript

The combination of effective theory and guided listening practice will give you a complete understanding of how you can train and improve your listening skills.

If you want to become fluent in English listening this course can help you achieve your goal.

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Author(s): Daria Salimova

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