[Free] English Conversation Tricks


What you’ll learn

  • how to speak fluentlly
  • conversation tricks
  • speaking without thinking
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening


  • Elementary English level


This course is is designed to give you practice with the vocabulary and structures that are most often used in common types of informal conversations. Thecourse consists of 6 chapters, each one devoted to a particular conversational function.The exercises also give you practice in using new vocabulary and structures so that you will be able to include them in your personal conversations. When you take this lesson you will enrich the use of language. When you are thinking of what you say these expressions will help you too much. Every expressions has an explanation ad use of in a sentence. Please repeat the example sentences when you are listening the lesson. Before you start your conversation, make sure you can say them. Try to use them in your conversations again and try to use them. At the end of the every expression section there are some situation. You will give answer them. You can reply by writing or speaking. Also there are homeworks and quizes that will help you to reinforce learning. I hope you’ll enjoy in this module about speaking tricks. Use this course, practice your English in conversations with your English speaking friends, and continue to enjoy this language.

Author(s): umit teacher

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