Camtasia Screencasting: Camtasia Studio 8 w/PowerPoint 2016

Camtasia Studio 8 screencasting, Camtasia video editing/production and Camtasia Studio 8/PowerPoint 2016 screencasts

Deal Score+2

What you’ll learn

  • To record screencasts and PowerPoint presentations using the Camtasia 8 Recorder
  • To edit your video recordings using the Camtasia 8 Video Editor

  • Learn to prepare PowerPoint Presentations

  • View the details of how to record a Udemy course
  • View the details of how to record a Udemy promotional video


  • A PC Running the Windows Operating System
  • A Camtasia 8 License or Evaluation Copy
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint License or Evaluation Copy


Would you like to become a Udemy instructor?

In the initial section for budding instructors, you’ll learn to record a screencast, a presentation and a webcam using the Camtasia Studio 8 Recorder.

In this section we’ll cover the following topics:

  • How Camtasia Studio 8 Works
  • Record a Screencast
  • Record a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Record a Webcam
  • How I Record Lessons

In subsequent sections you’ll learn to edit your videos using the Camtasia Studio 8 video editor and upload your videos to Udemy.

  1. Record a Screencast and/or Webcam
  2. Video Editor Basics & Production
  3. Simple PowerPoint Presentation
  4. Create a Udemy Course
  5. Create a Udemy Course Promotional Video

I’ll see you in the classroom,


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