[Free] Boost Your Toeic Speaking Score!

The essential guide to improving your TOEIC speaking score. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • The most common mistakes Japanese learners make on the TOEIC speaking test
  • How to correct the most common mistakes made by Japanese learners
  • The best way to answer each question on the TOEIC speaking test
  • Polite business English phrases you can add to improve your score


  • Intermediate English ability


This course is designed to help anyone who is preparing for the TOEIC speaking test.

It includes guides for each question on the test, the most common mistakes speakers make (and what to say instead) and lots of helpful, polite business English phrases that you can use in your answers to effortlessly boost your score.

Course Contents:

1. Read a passage aloud

2. Describe a picture

3. Respond to questions

4. Respond to questions using information provided

5. Express an opinion

6. Don’t say that, say this! 1-5

7. Common mistakes and advice

8. Study tips

In my time as an English teacher, I helped hundreds of students improve their TOEIC speaking score. At this time, I noticed that almost every student made the same mistakes. Fortunately, these mistakes are all easy to fix with a few changes!

Some of the most common mistakes are with:

Pronunciation and Intonation




By learning how to avoid these mistakes, and what to say instead, along with some really useful polite, business English, I think you can improve your TOEIC speaking score a lot, without having to for hours of expensive 1-1 lessons.

Although the course is designed for Japanese speakers, the content will be useful for anyone who is studying for the TOEIC speaking test.

Author(s): Joe Applebey

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