Mastery Course Camtasia 9

Create the best videos, using camtasia 9. – Free Course

Deal Score+2

What you’ll learn

  • Edit a screen recording
  • Produce and export their own video

  • Download and install Camtasia 9.

  • Import media like images, video camera video, webcam video, audio, or other screen recordings.
  • Be familiar with the software interface, keyboard shortcuts, and best practices.
  • Edit recordings and add elements like text, background music, and animations.
  • Assemble a proper video, and edit out any unwanted junk.
  • Record any screen activity to display to your students.


  • Have a Windows PC.
  • Be familiar with Windows (installing programs, saving files, navigating folders).
  • No prior knowledge is necessary
  • Students should have access to a computer with Camtasia 9 installed, either the free trial version or a paid version is fine


Very simple and beautiful course.

You’ll learn how to use Camtasia 9 to assemble your video, editing out the bad parts and keeping only the good. Camtasia 9 is a powerful screen recorder and video editor that can be used to do a number of amazing things.

If you’re new to Camtasia 9, just follow the order of the videos for lessons that build on previous information. If you’re experienced with Camtasia 9, jump to any of the topics you need help with. In this course focus is on getting up-to-speed quickly with Camtasia 9 to produce a top-quality online course. If you are creating training videos with Camtasia 9, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make your videos look great!

Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 2 days (usually faster). The best questions get video answers. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video answers (and questions) will be shared with all students in an optional section at the end of the course.

What is camtasia 9?

Camtasia is a software suite, created and published by TechSmith, for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast. The screen area to be recorded can be chosen freely, and audio or other multimedia recordings may be recorded at the same time or added separately from any other source and integrated in the Camtasia 9 component of the product.

Enroll today and start learning how to use Camtasia 9!

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