Nikon D750 – External Controls

External Bottoms – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to handle the external bottons in Nikon D750


  • The only requirement is for you to own a camera Nikon D750 in order to be able to follow up the instructions in the course


If you want to take this course, you don’t need any previous knowledge about photography or the camera. Of course, you need to have a camera Nikon D750 in order to follow up the instructions presented here. This course will guide you through all the external bottom of the camera.

This course is about the External Controls in the camera Nikon D750.

I you have a Nikon D750, then this course can be useful for you because it will show you how to use all the bottoms around the body of the camera.

You don’t need to know much about the camera. If you have just bought it then this course will help you use all those external bottoms. Even if you own the camera for a while and you are still not familiar with all the external controls of the camera, then this course will guide you all through the way of using this camera in a better way.

You don’t need to use any software for this course. You just need to own a Nikon D750.

If the quality is not 100% is because this was one of my first courses that I recorded. Check my other paid courses and I hope you can see how much I have improved.

Thank you

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