Free Tutorial – Complete Guide to GIMP 2019 Photo Editing

Learn the Free Cross Platform Photoshop Alternative – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • All of the basic tools that are available for you editing images and photos in GIMP
  • Photo manipulation techniques that include lighting effects and removing unwanted objects
  • How to use layers to organize your work and make changes non-destructive
  • Learn color correction and color composite modes to give your effects an edge of realism


  • You should have GIMP installed. It's a free photo manipulation tool capable of most of what you can do in photoshop.
  • We'll be using the G'MIC plugin to gain access to a larger effects library. It's free to download as well.


Learn how to use GIMP, the free graphic and image editing program, to create high quality graphics and edit images for free. This video focuses on a solid foundation of understanding the program in and out and then guides you on learning many of the tools and filters that can help you achieve results.

Here’s a look at some of what you will learn in the course

  • Learning how to create cool titles with glow effects and online fonts

  • Removing objects from photos with little to no remaining trace

  • Adding in objects that look more like they belong the scene with a combination of perspective tool and color composite modes.

  • Using masking tools in order to make effects more realistic

  • Some tool explanations for beginners as well such as the paintbrush tool and using layers in GIMP

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