Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019: Edit Awesome Vlogs with Brad

Learn how to create awesome videos in Premiere Pro 2019 in the fastest possible time without technical knowledge. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Create awesome vlogs for YouTube, Amazon Prime, Roku, etc.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 (Preferred)
  • Download sample video footage


** Only take this course if you have NO CLUE how to edit a vlog and are totally confused by hundreds of tutorials and just want an UNCOMPLICATED approach to editing vlogs!!**

Hey Everyone! I’m going to teach you my simple approach to creating awesome vlogs in the fastest possible time in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC (2019), without technical knowledge or fancy jargon.

My name is Brad. I’m a fitness and adventure vlogger that has created over 700 fitness videos to help people get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire people to go on an adventure. My videos are featured on Amazon Prime, Roku and recently, on National Geographic.


  • Importing and organising footage from Drone, GoPro, and smartphones

  • Basic editing tools that I use to create awesome vlogs using drone footage

  • J-cuts to make your vlogs more professional and polished

  • How to create awesome Intro titles using templates in several minutes

  • Editing with drone and GoPro footage shot at different resolutions

  • Audio mixing in minutes for professional sounding vlogs

  • My favourite keyboard shortcuts to save you hours of time!

  • And more!

The truth is, there are hundreds of tutorials you can watch on YouTube on “how to edit” but after editing 700 or so videos, I’ve developed my own unique style. I also released a daily vlog for 14 months, so I developed a very fast workflow!


I will teach you how to create your own awesome vlogs in the fastest possible time, so you can upload them to Amazon Prime, YouTube, Roku, Facebook, etc!


  • Premiere Pro CC (2019) – Ideal but not essential. You can use previous versions but some things may look different

  • Download the supplemental footage (see Course Curriculum) that comes with the course. Again, not absolutely essential. You can use your own footage and follow the course. Choice is yours.


If you want, you can download the sample footage that I’ve used in this course from Google Drive with a link supplied in the 2nd lecture of the Course Curriculum.

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