Mastering In Live Streaming And Video Production-obs Studio

For Students, Teachers, YouTube Video Makers, Live Video Production & Editing Artist

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction about Live Streaming
  • Need of Live Streaming
  • Advantages of Live Streaming
  • Getting ready OBS Studio for Video Production
  • Downloading OBS Studio
  • Installing OBS Studio
  • OBS Studio User Interface in Detail
  • Overview of OBS Studio User Interface
  • Working with Scenes and Sources in OBS Studio
  • Overview of OBS Studio User Interface
  • Studio Mode and Normal Mode
  • Audio Mixer and Volume Controls
  • Scene Transition and Custom Scene Transitions
  • Production Controls in OBS Studio
  • OBS Studio Settings
  • Capturing and Streaming
  • Capturing any Window and Recording as Video
  • Facebook, YouTube Live Streaming with OBS Studio
  • Online Lecture Production
  • Planning User Interface Design for Online Lecture
  • Online Lecture – Virtual Set Design in OBS Studio
  • Production Online Lecture using OBS Studio
  • Online Interview Video Production
  • Planning Online Interview UI Design using OBS Studio
  • Virtual Composition Set Design for Online Interview
  • Online Interview with Expert
  • Webinar Live Stream Production
  • Live Stream the Webinar using OBS Studio
  • Game Capturing Streaming with OBS Studio
  • Game Capturing UI Design using OBS Studio
  • Offline Game Capturing with OBS Studio
  • Online Game Capturing with OBS Studio
  • Professional NEWS Production Setup with OBS Studio
  • Professional NEWS Execution with OBS Studio


  • Computer or Laptop
  • Internet Connection


Welcome to the course on Professional Live Stream Video Production with OBS. In this course I have completely focused many areas which is highly helpful for the Students, Teachers, YouTube Video Maker, Live Video Production Artist, Media Production House, Media Person & All. OBS is one of the best free live streaming and video production software.

Author(s): Venkatesh B

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