Adobe Premiere Pro Cc 2020 – The Essentials Of Video Editing

Video Editing Essentials with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 – Building your skills as an Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editor

What you’ll learn

  • Starting a New Project in Premiere Pro + Project Settings
  • Learning How To Use Workspaces + Panels in Premiere Pro
  • Creating Your Own Customized Workspace Layout in Premiere Pro
  • The Project Panel + Creating Bins to Organize Everything
  • An Introduction to the Timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
  • Understanding The Audio Track Mixer
  • Sequence Settings in Premiere Pro 2020
  • Understanding Frame Size + Frame Rate
  • Editing Talking Head Footage with Jumps Cuts
  • Editing Talking Head Footage with L & J Cuts, Zoom Cuts & Broll Cuts
  • Adding an Adjustment Layer to the Premiere Pro Timeline
  • Finding Premiere Pro Graphics Templates for Your Project that you Can Easily Drop into any Project
  • Basic Color Correction & Lumetri Scopes in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
  • Color Grading: Adding a Stylized 'Look' to Your Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Color Grading: The 'Hollywood' Orange & Teal Look, & Using LUTs in Premiere Pro
  • Lumetri RGB Curves: Adjusting All Colors in Premiere Pro
  • Lumetri RGB Curves: Adjusting Red, Green & Blue in Premiere Pro
  • Hue Saturation Curves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020


  • You need Adobe Premiere Pro CC (creative cloud) 2020 installed on your computer, but earlier versions of Premiere Pro should be fine as well
  • No previous experience of Adobe Premiere Pro or video editing is necessary as I'll get you familiar with the layout of Premiere Pro and walk you through the basics of video editing with this software


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020-Beginner Video Editing Essentials

If you are new to the whole world of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, video production, video content creation etc then this beginner video editing class will help get you started as I walk you through the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020.

Maybe you’ve set your sights on becoming the world’s greatest YouTuber, maybe you want to get freelance work as a video editor using Adobe Premiere Pro, or maybe you just want to make some entertaining cat videos for your mom that have a level professionalism above the rest. All of these goals can be achieved by taking this Premiere Pro class.

If you’ve decided that Adobe Premiere Pro is going to be your video editing program of choice from now on to churn out some professional looking video content, then this Premiere Pro class is going to take you through all the basic video editing skills and techniques that you need to create professional, great looking video content using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020.

And keep a lookout because I will be adding a few bonus sections to this Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 course, coming real soon! Best of luck!

Author(s): Brandon Keating

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