Wellness Skills for Busy Entrepreneurs and High-Performers

How to Manage yourself, Embrace Change and Win at Life and Work – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn the four essential mindsets for self-leadership
  • Feel confident in how you show up at work and home

  • Build a wide array of practical tools to become more balanced and effective

  • Reclaim your time and learn to own your day
  • Gain actionable self-management skills to decrease stress and boost your resilience
  • Understand how tech and globalization have changed the face of leadership and how to adapt


  • Willingness to do an honest self-review of your home and work life
  • Patience to change an old behavior as you build a new positive habit
  • Be familiar with or willing to try guided meditation
  • Experience (+/-) leading a team, kids, siblings or a community group


Management guru Peter Drucker once said that a leader is successful when able to lead one person correctly: themselves.

It follows that the relationship you hold with yourself is the most powerful of all—whether you are an executive, manager or parent.

So this course will help you succeed at the most important cornerstones of life as a leader:

  • Your relationship to yourself

  • your time management

  • well-being

  • habits

  • decision-making strategies

You’ll be introduced to proven practices and fast-track solutions that will empower you to get what you want in a busier, complex world.

Come learn to say “no” to stress, “yes” to results and “really well, actually” to others when they ask how you are… and mean it.

So expect to finish this course feeling refreshed, with new tools to win at work and home.

Being in charge has never felt this good.

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