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Love yourself enough to rise above self-limiting beliefs and start living the change you want to become. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • On completion of this course you will have the tools and techniques in place to change your life from the inside out.
  • You will have the power to overcome limiting beliefs, rise above emotional addictions and have the techniques to tune into a higher consciousness and connect with your creativity.
  • Love yourself enough to rise above self-limiting beliefs and start living the change you want to become.


  • You will need to commit the time to practice the techniques given in this course on a daily basis.
  • You need to be serious about changing an aspect of your life and ask yourself, are you ready and willing to break emotional addictions that have been holding you back?


How many times have you attempted to change something in your life and it just never happened? Life got in the way, not enough time, family issues, job commitments, responsibilities, lack of resources, lack of knowledge, which are all essentially excuses that we tell ourselves when we fail to change the very thing that we no longer want in our life.

If you’re really serious about changing the course of your life then this workshop will give you the knowledge, the understanding, the science, the research, the tools and powerful techniques of how to do just that without the excuses.

You’ll learn how to become aware of your own mind and your habitual thoughts. You will become the observer of your own conditioned self, not only of your thoughts, but your feelings, your behaviours, your actions and you’ll become acutely aware of the choices you normally make subconsciously.

You will be identifying and exposing your limiting beliefs, those unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours from past conditioning that have been holding you back, preventing you from moving forward and attaining the life you really want.

This course will direct you to your core values, towards what it is you really, really want and based on those values you will be putting together a strategic plan of action for your success, your vision for your future.

Whilst knowledge is empowering, knowledge about yourself is self-empowering, so you will be learning about neuroscience, brain wave patterns, how thoughts happen, the electromagnetic field around the body, and the study of epigenetics. Essentially, when you learn to connect with the intelligence running the physiology of your body, you will achieve a state of ‘mind body coherence’ and experience first hand, changing from the inside out.

This course is about loving yourself enough to rise above self-limiting beliefs and being the change you want to become.

All of the material you will cover in this course is a labour of love, it’s based on 12 years of research and is a result of my work with transformational leaders in self-development from around the world.

The practice of mindfulness plays a strong role in this work, as does a powerful breathing technique which will truly raise your state of being, raise your energy and give you the clarity and vision to make changes.

Be assured that once you have left behind limiting beliefs and emotional addictions, once you’ve determined your core values and your purpose, you will find your driving force and you will have the ability, the innate desire and the passion to soar to the next level.

I look forward to you joining me on this transformational journey.


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