The Beginner's Beeline to Lucid Dreams: How-to Have LDs NOW

The crash course that'll transform total novices into flying-superhero-demigod-gurus using a scientific developed method

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What you’ll learn

  • The fast-track to lucid dreams
  • How to get the best sleep of your life
  • How to remember your dreams every single night
  • How to actively improve your memory
  • How to test whether or not you are dreaming
  • The differences between the dreaming world and waking world (and how to exploit this for lucid dreams)
  • How to prolong lucid dreams
  • How to summon anything or go anywhere in a lucid dream
  • The fundamental laws of the dreamworld
  • How to use lucid dreams for maximum effect


  • Be open minded
  • A willingness to learn


Did you know you can wake up in your dreams and have the most unbelievable, impossible experiences of your entire life? Maybe you’ve had the desire to hunt dinosaurs or fly like a bird; to have sex with that special human (or humans, no judgement here) of your dreams (no pun intended) or maybe you are curious about what the hell is going on inside your head every night and wanted to ask your unconscious directly? Or maybe you want guitar lessons from Jimi Hendrix or need Leonardo Da Vinci’s help on a problem you are struggling with? Whatever your needs and desires the world of lucid dreaming is your go-to assistant. The infinite creative possibilities of your subconscious creative mind is equal to any problem and your HD 4k dreamweaver is equal to any fantasy. There is no doubt that if you are human and you want to have fun or grow as a person then lucid dreaming is an must-have unmissable event for you.

But maybe you are worried that you are one of those people that don’t dream? Don’t worry because it turns out that this myth is 100% fiction (unless you’ve suffered serious brain damage) and that everyone dreams; in this course you’ll learn the tricks and tips for remembering your dreams every single night.

Perhaps you’ve decided you want to lucid dream but are overwhelmed by the overload of information on the internet and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry this course is the place to start; here all the information you need has been honed and refined to bring you the method scientifically proven to deliver results which was developed by the legendary lucid dreaming scientist and pioneer Stephen La Berge PhD.

Whether you want to:

  • Experience impossible fantasies like flying superman style or ride a dragon;

  • Ask your vast unconscious wisdom for advice or insight;

  • Hone a skill or solve a problem you are working on in waking life or

  • You just want to stop frittering away the hours of infinite possibility that pass you by every night this course has got you covered. Here you will learn the scientifically developed fast-track to lucid dreams.

This course won’t just teach you how to have lucid dreams but how to get the most out of them. You will learn the methods which scientific research has proven to be most effective in prolonging dreams. You will learn a dozen methods for getting what you want out of dreams whether that’s finding your Tesla Model S or your dragon, meeting a long-lost friend or a hero or going to places you can normally only fantasise about like the surface of Mars or the North Pole. You will learn how to control your dreams so that when you do become lucid you will be able to have the greatest experiences of your life.

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