Supercharge your Memory

Learn powerful memory methods to enable you to remember essential items

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What you’ll learn

  • How to remember important things
  • How to use Memory Pegging to instantly recall lists of items
  • How to use the Virtual Journey to give flawless speeches and presentations
  • How to construct your own short-cuts and mnemonics to boost your memory
  • The importance of vivid colourful imagery in boosting recall
  • How to remember people's names
  • How to remember a large number of secure and different passwords
  • How to remember numbers


  • No prerequisites


Many people struggle to remember important items such as names, dates, numbers, facts.  This can hold you back at work.  This course shows you how to supercharge your memory and be able to recall vast amounts of important information.  It is packed with practical tips, short-cuts and techniques to boost your ability to recall things you have learnt.  It includes powerful methods such as memory pegging and the virtual journey.  Also covered are mnemonics, mindmaps and visual imagery techniques.  It will help you to remember names, places, numbers, passwords, to do lists, – indeed, crucial data and information of all kinds.

Your confidence will increase as you display significantly better recall of names, stories, vital facts and statistics.  Learn how to associate visual anchors with the items you want to remember thus enabling you to recall the information whenever you want.

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