Secrets of Memory Summary: 3 Ways of Memorising Like a Spy

Lets jog your memory and make it even better that it was before!

What you’ll learn

  • Why is it hard to memorize information?
  • How to memorize faster?
  • Memorize using the House method
  • Memorize like a spy


  • A desire to learn
  • Taking notes is recommended


Our brain is really stubborn at times. It doesnt want to remember certain things, it doesnt want to cope with the fact that you just have to remember certain information. Lucky us this problem can be solved.

This course is about memory, about memorizing like a spy, so thats exactly what we are going to do. We are going to learn how to memorize like a spy. Spies have to remember a lot, their life depends on it.

And some things for such ordinary people like you and I depend on us too, so why dont we use those spy methods to benefit ourselves?

While memorizing is sometimes hard, it is possible to make it much easier. Remember what I said about our brain being stubborn?

Most common reason why youre not getting much information memorized is that your brain fights back against it and basically says that this and that is boring. There is a way of getting over it, just check out the course!

We will also be looking at some methods spies use to memorize some pretty important information, and by giving this method to you, you will be able to remember anything you want.

There is a great variety of ways to memorize info for your studies, your presentations or just for yourself, and we will gladly teach you. One thing you should set out for yourself is commitment. You have to train your memory every day and do the exercises, that way your learning journey will be easier and your memory will become phenomenal.

So theres no need to try and memorize this description, hop into the course and lets learn things about memory!

Author(s): Express Skills Academy by James Renua, Nick Parker, First Look Digital Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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