Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With Eft Tapping

Stop the Financial Self Sabotage. Grow Your Wealth Consciousness. Emotional Freedom Technique

What you’ll learn

  • Use EFT to tap away the conscious blocks regarding money
  • Use EFT to tap away unconscious blocks regarding money
  • Use EFT to tap away generational blocks inherited regarding money
  • Use EFT to tap away faith based blocks regarding money


  • A tablet, Mac or PC to watch the lectures
  • Make a list of all conscious reasons you are stuck reaching your financial goals


This course covers what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and how to apply EFT to blocks to success.

It is taught through course lectures teaching what Emotional Freedom Techniques are and tapping sequences for ways people can move forward towards financial freedom.

Benefits: Individual results will vary, however this course teaches how to attract greater financial freedom.

When you complete this course, you will have:

  • A tool for removing fears of financial success.
  • A tool for removing self-sabotaging choices.
  • A tool for ending procrastination on their action plan.
  • And much more…

In this course, you will participate in the following EFT sessions for each fear of attracting money:

  • I dont deserve to be rich.
  • It isnt possible to be rich.
  • It is evil to be rich.
  • I am not worthy of success
  • I was taught it is not possible to succeed. This is our life.
  • My spouse will be jealous if I am more successful that they are.
  • My family will be angry if I am successful.
  • My friends will be jealous and angry if I am successful.
  • My life will change with success.
  • It isnt safe to be rich.
  • There isnt enough for everyone. If I attract more money I will take it away from someone else.
  • I am too overwhelmed to proceed.

The course is a living course, which means that as you ask questions or give us suggestions for EFT sessions, we will add more video lectures to cover those topics.

Author(s): Scott Paton, Joan Kaylor, Scott Alex

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