Relationship Astrology Essentials

Learn which signs of the zodiac you are compatible, and discover your own personal relationship needs – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Your own personal relating style – as shown by Venus in your birth chart
  • Which signs of the zodiac you are readily compatible with. And why…
  • The importance of the Four Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water – for compatibility


  • No prior knowledge of astrology is needed


Im a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Capricorn is that a good combination? 
As a Virgo, which signs should I be dating? 
Why does my Aries girlfriend drive me crazy!?!

As an astrologer these are the kinds of questions I get asked all the time. By taking this free mini-course you will be introduced to the relative compatibility of all Sun signs – which signs you have great connections with and which signs are more complicated for you!

You will also learn about your own personal relating style – as shown in your birth chart by Venus: The Goddess of Love. She describes what you need for a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Author(s): Mark Flaherty

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