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A theory that focuses on identifying the types of goals that are most effective in producing high levels of motivation and performance and why goals have these effects.

Goal setting in broad terms is the process of deciding on something you want, planning how to get it, and then working towards the objective.

Goal setting is not wishing or dreaming. It is something that is progressively worked towards. Goal setting is a process, it is not something that decided on a whim.

Why is it so important to set goals?

Every organization, non-profit and for profit firm, has both an overall mission statement, and “corporate” vision statement that defines and drives what the purpose and objectives of the organization is to do. But along with a mission and vision statement, the organization needs to develop and implement sound goals and objectives for achievement. Without goals to achieve, you’re just like a boat on the open ocean without a sail, to be tossed and carried about at will.

A goal is a desired result a person or an organization envisions, plans and commits to achieve. It is the desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Goals are what motivate us to push ourselves to grow and move forward in life.

The problem is that many people live without having any goals and there are some dangers in living this way.

Short-term goals

Our short-term goals tells us what we should be doing this week, or this month to achieve our short-term objectives. In business this is important as this can influence issues such as orders received, production targets met, accounts produced and cash inflow maintenance that are required for the business to function on a day-to-day basis.

Medium-term goals

By looking at medium-term we are released from the urgent day-to-day stuff and can begin to plan without having a worry about short-term issues. Medium-term goals are a stepping stone to the longer-term stuff with more time to think and plan.

Long-term goals

In long-term we need to have a vision of future: where we are going on the long journey ahead? Where do we see ourselves in 10,15 or 20 years time?.

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