My Wife Learned To Fly A Helicopter In Vr 6 Hours? For Free.

Fiona has a fear of heights. See how quickly she learns what she needs to fly a turbine helicopter. You can do it too. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How easy is it to learn to fly Helicopters in VR?


  • You can follow through with your own PC and controllers or simply take notes.


YOU can do this in 6 hours. In this course I got house wife Fiona (who has a fear of flying and cannot ride a bicycle) to learn to fly and handle a turbine helicopter in just 6 hours. Proving that normally only “RICH” people get to learn to fly helicopters. The biggest obstacle to most people who want to learn to fly helicopters is the monstrously huge amount of cash needed. But now that has all changed, there is the gaming PC the flight sim and best of all the VR Headset. Now anyone can have fun and learn to fly helicopters and have a piece of the action flying multi million dollar helicopters almost for free. Join me and the thousands of students of all ages learning to fly helicopters. It really is not difficult and takes the average person 6 hours to crack it and a lifetime to master.

Author(s): Graham "The Baron" Hesketh

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