Mental Health Training for First Responders & Health Care

“What You Need To Know” – KISS Approach! – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Increase your comfort level in dealing with people with Mental Illness/Distress
  • Why this is so critical and the impact you can make (good or bad)
  • Have a basic understanding of some of the most common mental illnesses you will encounter
  • Become more efficient and effective in assisting people in Mental Distress
  • Grow both personally and professionally
  • Be able to apply these concepts to your communities, families, and friends.
  • How to possibly save someones life!


  • NONE
  • A willingness to learn, change, grow, and make a difference


2 Hours of Continuing Education in Mental Health

As first responders and/or health care professionals, you are the tip of the spear when it comes to mental health.You are seeing the very worst and most challenging situations we have to deal with.What you see and encounter can have a tremendous impact on both the patient, and you.More importantly, how you respond has an even greater impact on not only the current situation but also the future.How you respond can literally be the difference between life and death.

We are seeing more and more situations involving mental illness and disease.What is your comfort level and knowledge of mental illness?Do you feel comfortable dealing with patients with obvious mental distress?The critical point is you should be.You can make a huge difference in someones life, possibly even save it.

Hi, I am Drew Case and I am a nurse, was an Acute Adult Nurse Practitioner, worked for several years in the ICU, was a medical officer in the USNR for 8 years, and was a certified instructor for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for adults, Youth,and Higher Ed.I became interested in formal education on Mental Health and suicide prevention years ago when I worked for the government running a federal grant on education for healthcare providers.Currently I am an assistant professor at a university where I teach leadership in a RN-to-BSN program.

I loved teaching MHFA and did that for years.It is an 8-hour course and I highly recommend it to anyone as it is designed for anyone.This course is specifically for first responders and is my own condensed version of what I have seen and encountered in the medical field and having a spouse that is not working as a first responder.What I want to do is trim off all the fat and just present you with the most important points or topics and take the military view or KISS approach.I think you will find this course both enjoyable and useful.


Increase your knowledge and comfort level with any and all issues encountered in the field that relate to Mental Health for the benefit of both the patient and you.

Author(s): Drew Case

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