Meditation For Beginners: Medicine For The Mind

Empower yourself against stress and anxiety and develop a meditation practice that works for you! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Meditation is and how it can benefit you both physically and emotionally
  • How to cultivate more consciousness and inner peace in to your daily life
  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness
  • Learn when and how to Meditate
  • Learn how to practice different types of Meditation
  • Learn how to set your environment and posture
  • Learn to appreciate everyday situations in a mindful way
  • Learn how to develop a daily practice that works for you
  • Learn how to relax


  • An open heart and mind
  • A willingness to practically implement the different techniques learned
  • Space to practice the Meditations where you won't be disturbed
  • A chair or yoga mat to practice the different Meditations (optional)
  • A desire to enhance your personal growth


Have you…..

* wanted to learn to meditate but don’t know where to start?

* felt overwhelmed from all the information out there and gave up?

* tried to meditate but found it too difficult?

If you answered YES to any of he above questions, then this is the course for you!

This course has been thoughtfully designed to introduce meditation to beginners and those struggling with their practice. The SIMPLE act of meditating can bring wonderful benefits.

This course will enable you to start cultivating more inner peace and bring consciousness in to your daily life. You will develop an understanding of what meditation is and it’s benefits, along with learning when and how to meditate. Advice will be given on how to set your environment and the importance of posture.

You will learn some of the different styles of meditating and how to practically implement these. This course will teach you the following simple and effective meditation practice’s.

* Breathwork Meditation

* Candle Meditation

* Mantra Meditation

* Guided Visualisation

Bonus Section:

* Letting Go Meditation

* Loving Kindness Meditation

When you meditate consistently you begin to experience the benefits in every aspect of your life. Some of the benefits include:

* Reducing stress, depression and anxiety

* Improving relationships and interactions with others

* Improving performance, focus and self-control

* Improving general well-being

*Improving personal growth

Who is this course for:

* beginners wanting to start a meditation practice

* people struggling with their current practice

* anyone with a general interest in meditation

Course Requirements:

* An open mind

* A quiet space to practice

*A cushion or chair

* A candle

Take inspired action today and embark on your wonderful meditation journey!

Author(s): Charlotte Reece

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